About Me

Hi! My name is Colin and I’ve been a professional audio engineer for 6 years

I studied Audio Production at the SAE, Contemporary Music at the GIT, Performing Arts at Brooklands College and about a million online tutorials all relating in one way or another to audio production

I just recently completed the Wwise 101 online certification course and you can view my certificate right about here>>>>>>>>


I also have lots of working knowledge of the all the major Daws and audio editing software such as Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Wavelab, Soundforge, Reason, fruity Loops etc and ofcourse lots of plugins and soft synths such as those by Waves, Native Instruments, Izotope and the likes.

I also have years of experience working on both analogue and digital mixing desks, outboard effects and tape and I will at some point include a pic of my own home studio which includes most of those things aside from a tape machine ( My Fostex Model 80 died a few years back, RIP)

I’m hoping to change my career path a little and move into the games industry as a sound designer/audio engineer, I can think of few things that would be more satisfying than working in such a creatively diverse and progressive industry.

here’s a link to my Soundcloud page where you can hear some of my sound design and composition examples

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