About Me


Hello! I’m Colin!

Self promotion is to me what garlic is to a vampire, I think I may be pathologically modest though the paradoxical nature of the above statement has now led me to believe that this may not be entirely true, I’m cured!!!

Ok moving on…

After reading various game audio related literature such as Aaron Marks “Complete Guide to Game Audio” it seems my path towards wanting to be a professional sound designer is a fairly predictable one. I started out as a musician which then led me into becoming a professional sound engineer and eventually realising that I wanted to design sound for games.

My first attempt at game audio design was studying the Cryengine Wwise Project DLC  and then recreating and replacing all of the audio contained within with my own. I spent all of my spare time for 6 months doing this and used a combination of my own recordings and free sound libraries to create the audio assets.

If you want to hear/see some of this please click Here

I can’t express just how much I learned from doing this or how incredibly satisfying and addictive the whole process was but from that point onward I was hooked.

I have since discovered Unreal Engine 4 and the awesome visual coding system contained within (Blueprints) which has allowed me to design, code and implement my own levels from scratch which you can now see Here